Environmental maintenance

Through many years of practice, we have tested numerous tools, methods and equipment for environmental maintenance. Now we can guarantee, we know and we do well – all that what we do. In daily tasks we trust our motivated employees, and new challenges which arise are solved by implementing the competence of famous landscaping specialists.

We offer an individualised package to each of our clients and we periodically conduct the following work.

Sweeping of the outdoor territory:

  • solid surface sweeping using machinery;
  • vacuum based sweeping of the outdoor territory.
  • sweeping by hand.

Management of green areas:

  • planting and weeding of flowers;
  • lawn mowing and fertilising using the newest equipment;
  • efficient elimination of weeds in paved areas, using special materials;
  • hedge trimming and shaping;
  • seasonal trimming and fertilising of trees;
  • raking and removal of leaves;
  • we use reliable Viking equipment for our outdoor maintenance services.

Waste collection outdoors:

  • collection and placing of waste in the appropriate waste-containers;
  • cleaning of outdoor waste-bins and changing of bags.

Snow removal:

  • mechanised snow removal in parking lots and driveways;
  • manual removal of snow on main outdoor stairways;
  • snow removal from pavements and paths;
  • sprinkling of salt on paths and stairs.

Do you have specific requests?

Additionally, you can always add other useful services from other service groups to our environmental maintenance service.

Western region

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Eastern region

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