Licensed premise and surface disinfection

DISINFECTION (Lat. dis. – negative prefix + infectio – infection, contamination)

Purpose of disinfection – destruction of pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria etc.) extant in the environment, which cause infectious diseases. Disinfection differs from usual cleaning service in the method of conducting the service and chemical materials used.

COVID-19 prevention

In response to the current situation in Lithuania due to the COVID-19 virus prevention BSS Grupė recommends to companies, which have not suspended or only partially suspended their activities, to periodically conduct disinfection in their premises, disinfection of premises is also compulsory prior to employees returning to work.

Professional and licensed disinfection

Disinfection services are licenced and conducted by professionals according to all the requirements and recommendations of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

Disinfection measures:

Only certified and EU Commission regulated measures are used.

  • Ethanol based, no less than 70% vol. disinfecting fluid;
  • Hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant fluid;

Surfaces to be disinfected:

Based on scientific research it is recommended to disinfect all most frequently touched plastic and metal surfaces at reachable height.

It is already known that Covid-19 remains for 3 days on plastic and stainless steel surfaces, copper and wood for around 3 hours, on cardboard – around 24 hours. BSS Grupė disinfects the following surfaces during general and preventive disinfections:

  • The whole table surface, table and chair legs;
  • Door handles;
  • Light switches;
  • Shelves;
  • The exterior of kitchen furniture;
  • Solid floors;
  • Metal surfaces in elevators;
  • Door handles, handrails etc.

It is important, that during disinfection professional specialists should use the following personal protective equipment:

  • Long sleeve single or multi-use overalls or dressing gowns;
  • Protective goggles or face-shields;
  • Gloves;
  • Respirators or face masks;
  • Additional protective equipment which is required according to the disinfectant’s safety requirements.

The cost of disinfection services

Type of servicePrice from, € (before tax)
Solid surface disinfection0,29 €/m²
Carpet disinfection0,90 €/m²
Soft surface disinfection (chairs etc.)4,99 €/pcs.
Staircase disinfection100,00 €/pcs.
No less than 4 staircase apartment building 1 staircase disinfection50,00 €/pcs.
  • Minimum sum of the order 70.00€
  • Carpet and other soft surface disinfection using hot air steam.
  • The price includes DU, holiday pay, social insurance, materials, equipment, PPE.
  • The final sum is calculated according to rate and factually measured area.
  • The price of the service depends on location, volume of work and regularity.
  • Disinfection of the whole premises can be completed during work hours, after work hours or at night.
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