Professional disinfection with fog generators

Whilst the infection rates are not going down, in our fight with the virus we recommend using the most powerful tools! Professional disinfection with a fog generator – a faster and more effective way to ensure the cleanliness and safety of the premises.

Advantages of the fog generator

Works quickly

Even a small room can be filled in less than a minute. The premises can be used in less than 2 hours post disinfection.

Assured results

When disinfection is completed by a human it is not possible to ensure even coating of surfaces. Fog is distributed equally across the whole of the premises, thus the possibility of human error is significantly reduced.

Covers the smallest of spaces

Active substances of the liquid that are spread are 1–5 micron in size, thus by settling on surfaces they enter the smallest of crevices.

Cleans the air

Before settling on surfaces, substances of disinfectant nature remain in the air for a long time and thus simultaneously clean the air of the premises.

Harmless to humans

It’s a safe formula which doesn’t cause any negative side effects to human health and has a particularly low chance of causing an allergic reaction.

There is no bad smell

The substance doesn’t leave any bad smell in the premises, doesn’t cause discomfort or unpleasant experiences.

Not harmful to surfaces

Part of the disinfectant substances are aggressive and can damage more sensitive surfaces. Substances used with the fog generator are safe and do not damage surfaces.

Less humidity

The substance contains a small amount of liquids, which means that after disinfection the level of humidity in the premises increases slightly.

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